Saturday, January 10, 2009

The College Football Season That Was...

The 2008-2009 College Football Season has come and gone far too quickly.

The Florida Gators won their second BCS title in three seasons, beating the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14, in what is now the Sooners 5th straight BCS bowl game loss.

While Florida lived up to the expectations placed upon them, many teams, such as Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, Wisconsin and Ohio State among others had disappointing seasons.

Others, such as Boise State, TCU and Utah surprised the nation.

Utah especially, having went 13-0 and having beat former #1 ranked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl more convincingly than Florida did in the SEC Championship game, garnered a #2 ranking in the final AP poll, their highest final poll ranking ever!

One thing is for certain. The season went too fast as it always does. Hopefully, we can form an online support group here at the College Football Crackhouse and help each other through until the 2009 season begins.

Sadly, that's about eight months away -

There's always Spring football to help bridge the gap and at least temporarily ease the pain...

Thanks for reading and please post your own comments.

Also, please spread the word about this blog to other college football fans like you and I so that we may all help one another until our next fix!



  1. Thanks bsd, hope to see you post here often!

    Let others know about the site too if you would be so kind!


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