Friday, April 10, 2009

Boise State Completes Second Scrimmage: Bronco Defense Rough And Ready

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After the Broncos first scrimmage, the word was out that the Boise Broncos offense was shining, and the defense, according to some, had “issues.”

However, on this wet and cold Wednesday, the first team defense outplayed the first team offense, holding them to just 14 plays.

Indeed, the second scrimmage was completed just hours ago, and the defense showed no apparent weaknesses.

The secondary tandem of George Iloka and Brandyn Thompson continued pretty much where they left off last season—they were spectacular.

Iloka gave some pretty sound, Jeron Johnson-like hits, and Brandyn Thompson made the only interception of the scrimmage. Also, during kickoff drills, Kyle Wilson returned two to the endzone. Kyle was awesome!

Also, it was exciting watching No. 94 Byron Hout merely make his presence known. Him simply being there demands notice.

However, last year's scout defensive stud Michael Atkinson was spectacular as well.

The Canadian-bred Atkinson, better known for his tag “Canadian Bacon,” was a continued force to be reckoned with today.

Bacon got to Kellen for a sack and was key for a couple of turnovers —one of them was a fumble from Kellen Moore.

If any one says Kellen Moore did not have a good scrimmage, then Bacon, Hout, and Thompson no doubt ruined his day. Moore and his first team offense were held to zip. The first team “D” was just that good.

Linebacker Dan Paul looked very good out there as well. The first team “D” just got it done—there is no better way to put it.

First team offense looked good though (at times). DJ Harper was splendid. He scored on a 17-yard run, and also powered his way for 58 yards earlier. Kellen’s fumble at the one yard line put a blemish on that drive.

Drew was not able to do much better with the exception of his brilliant runs, and one of them went for a score. Drew passed very poorly today. Maybe it was the rain soaked balls?

These guys need to toughen up a tad—but just a tad. How many offensive units are going to survive the Bronco first team "D" if Kellen's team has a hard time of it? No, not even the Oregon Ducks.

For sure, Oregon will not like the defense any better this year than they did last year's. Also, by the fall there will be no teams on the schedule (or maybe off for that matter) capable of whooping this unit.

Furthermore, by the fall, this team will be way better offensively, and, yes fans, they will win all of their 13 games. We think they will win their 14th game too.

The Bronco quarterback depth is deep. The world knows what Kellen can do. Bush Hamden is no longer KM’s back up. Michael Coughlin is, and he is playing super.

Michael scored a touchdown in the first scrimmage, and, yes, once again this afternoon, as he hooked up with last year's red-shirt Josh Hill. Hill looked great out there.

With solid play from tight ends Gallarda, Efaw, and the 6’ 5" Hill, Richie Brockel will be a more active fullback from now on.

Once the offensive line gets fine tuned and the players get reformatted with all the coaches, the changes done to the Bronco football team is going to make them more than exciting.

Kellen Moore is still one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, and Bronco fans expect him to have a great year. Look for him to surpass his previous season's accolades.

This team plays their final spring scrimmage in nine days, on the 17th. Look for coach Pete to have ironed out some key wrinkles.

Until then—Go Broncos!

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  1. They won't beat Oregon. Your predictions are about as good as your spelling and grammar.

  2. I too would have posted anonymous had I left such a stupid f*cking comment like you did!

    There's nothing wrong with Lace's spelling or are an IDIOT for trying to look smart and tough by posting what you did.

    As for the topic of the article"

    Boise beat Oregon last year, and they can and may very well do it again this year!

  3. Anonymous said...

    They won't beat Oregon. Your predictions are about as good as your spelling and grammar.
    April 10, 2009 7:48 PM



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