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Georgia Football—Where Misdemeanors and Felonies Happen

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Deja vu anyone?

Deja vu anyone?

Looks like the 2009 offseason might repeat itself all over again for the Thugs. Whoops, I mean Dawgs. reported three Georgia football players will start the 2009 season on suspension, though the University did not confirm the suspensions Thursday.

Tight end Bruce Figgins, defensive end Justin Houston and wide receiver Tony Wilson would each be suspended for an undetermined period after violating team rules, according to the website.

"Well, here's the deal on that," Georgia head coach Mark Richt said to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday night. "At the appropriate time, I will make any announcement that needs to be made - if there is any announcement that needs to be made."

You may recall that in the 2008 offseason, UGA challenged the Cincinnati Bengals for arrests and suspensions.

Here's a recap:

In January, cornerback Donovan Baldwin and fullback Fred Munzenmaier were arrested for alcohol-related offenses. Baldwin was arrested on DUI charges, while Munzenmaier was arrested for underage consumption and suspended for one game.

In May, freshman offensive lineman Clint Boling was arrested because he was pulled over for driving recklessly and he refused to take a breathalyzer test. He has been suspended for one game.

In early June, defensive end Jeremy Lomax, was pulled over for speeding and having a concealed firearm under his driver's seat.

On June 27, sophomore offensive linemen Trinton Sturdivant and Justin Anderson were charged with a misdemeanor of simple battery after touching a girl inappropriately. It was reported that they had been drinking. Their punishments were handled "internally."

On June 28, sophomore defensive lineman Michael Lemon punched Demarius Jackson multiple times in the face, fracturing the victim's left eye socket. Lemon was charged with a felony and was kicked off of the team. He was arrested again the next morning for underage consumption.

On Aug. 2, junior long-snapper Jeff Henson, who had previously been charged with a DUI in November, became the eighth Georgia player arrested that offseason. He was arrested for public intoxication and urinating in public. He was suspended from the team.

Also on Aug. 2, defensive back Donovan Baldwin and linebacker Marcus Dotwin were hospitalized after a brawl. Following the incident, Richt dismissed Baldwin from the team because it was his second incident this offseason.

While visiting Baldwin and Dotwin in the hospital, junior linebacker Darius Dewberry decided to vandalize a parking lot control arm and plant container pots causing a whopping $2100 in estimated damages. He became the sixth player that was either suspended or booted off of the team when Richt suspended him for the first two games of the year.

These UGA players sure do like keeping campus area Police from eating their donuts in peace!

On a positive note, Georgia will not be the No. 1 team when the AP Preseason Poll is released so without that spotlight, maybe these player problems will fade from the headlines a little faster, even though they most likely won't stop happening.

It's tempting to overlook certain flaws a kid might have off the field because he's extremely talented on the field and I know a coaching staff can't babysit these guys 24/7, but they have to do a better job of evaluating the character of a potential recruit.

If not, these bad seeds will continue to deliver more "black eyes" to their program.

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