Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pac-10 Up For Grabs in 2009—And For the Record, USC is Not Invincible

Written by HD Handshoe
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In recent years, USC has stumbled in-conference and squandered away several opportunities to play in the BCS title game.

In 2006, it was a 13-9 "road" loss to 7-6 UCLA.

In 2007, it was the 24-23 home loss to 40-point underdog Stanford.

In 2008, it was the 27-21 road loss to upstart underdog Oregon State.

ESPN for one, has consistently forgiven and dismissed these losses, and has even referred to them as tiny "hiccups".

Are you @#$&%^&* kidding me?

Not to get off on a rant here, but ESPN did the same thing in 2008 when Florida surprisingly lost to Mississippi, 31-30, on their home field no less, calling it a hiccup as well, and everyone went on their merry way like it never happened.

UF won their final eight games, eventually climbed back to the top of the polls, and played for, and won the BCS title, but I digress.

For the first time in several years, the Pac-10 is going to better at the top this year with several good teams other than just USC.

I think this young USC team could lose up to 5 games this year, not that I am saying or convinced that they will—but it is at the very least a possibility.

Games USC could struggle in and possibly lose this year are:

9/12 @ Ohio State

10/3 @ Cal

10/17 @ Notre Dame

10/24 vs. Oregon State

10/31 @ Oregon

That's a pretty tall order, especially the four road games—but even the home game, versus a Beaver squad that blew up USC's top defense last year, is losable.

Remember, Ohio State had 18 very talented starters back last year and were supposed to be BCS title contenders, but went 10-3 instead.

Nothing is guaranteed for any team, no matter what the expectations are.

This 2009 USC team will not be as good as that Buckeyes 2008 team in my opinion either, but we'll see if I'm right or if I'm just a crackhead over the next month or two.

Either way, if the Trojans lose three or more games, I wonder if ESPN will still find a way to forgive them all.

As far as body functions go, if one loss for USC is just a hiccup, would a second, third, and fourth loss be labeled as a belch and two wet farts?

Help, I've sharded and I can't get up.

Fight on?

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