Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boise State Football: There Is No Life Beyond Bronco Nation

Story written by Lace Banachek from BleacherReport.com

Certainly, the Big Sky, has wept and bid farewell, and pondered many times, these past eight years, why? Frankly there was and still is no simple answer.

The Boise State Broncos have that look about them, a bunch of two and three star athletes from Potato Junction, Idaho and certainly they should not mount that much game?

Then, Fresno State and the WAC opened up their doors in 2001 to the former Big Sky champs and by 2002 and constantly there after, the Broncos have dominated their conference.

That’s right, Fresno State's conference it is no more. It is Boise States conference. All of the WAC belongs to BSU, and Boise State loves them dearly, and is in no hurry to leave.

The Bronco fans and haters question is “who’s gonna fill them shoes, who’s gonna walk that tall?” Goodbye Z, Vinny, and Ian, and a list to long to unveil.

The Broncos are looking solid again, all the way past the bench and to the red shirts of 2010. Indeed, Boise State superiority is eminent. BSU no longer rebuilds (as in former times), they merely reload.

It gets amusing the BSU fan base stresses over playing Ball State in the Humanitarian or jumping to the Mountain West Conference. Oh yes, the MW had some good years, but they do not want Boise State to join.

Even though and according to sources, the Mountain West were the ones that wanted the Broncos to begin with. Then they changed their mind. Well who can blame them? It’s tough battling for second.

Albeit, the Mountain West is not where the Broncos belong anyway. Who said the WAC was a lesser conference? The only thing wrong with the rest of the “WAC PAC” is they just don’t want it bad enough. Want what? Second place!

Well, the Pack is doing things to rectify the problem. This year's recruiting was great. Boise’s was better, but the WAC PAC did well.

Especially, Utah State, them Aggies in two years (maybe three) are going to be a pretty decent team (Just as soon as the unrelated Manning comes back from his Mormon mission, that is).

But Bronco Nation is gracious, they do not want the new Manning on the block to get abducted by aliens or swallowed by gators (no pun intended). Do they?

However, whether its Borel or later to be Manning and the Aggies, or Fresno State, Hawaii, or the pistol running wolf pack of Reno etc, the battle is still for second place.

But “Katy bar the door” for all of the rest of those conferences (BCS or not) who are about to play the WAC, the joking is over.

Still, Boise State will continue to dominate until they leave for BCS placing in some conference to be mentioned later.

Then the WAC PAC will weep and bid farewell and within a couple of years ponder the former situation and ask themselves why?

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