Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Va Tech Hokies' Have High Expections For 2009

Story written by David Phillips from BleacherReport.com

The Virginia Tech Hokies should be between No. 7 and No. 10 in the nation for the college football preseason rankings. Tyrod Taylor is 13-2 as a starter and only Michael Vick has a better record as a starter under Coach Frank Beamer.

With the solid defense and special teams and with Taylor, Ryan Williams, and Derren Evans on offense, the Hokies should be able to contend for there third straight ACC title, and we could be talking BSC title game if the stars align and we run the table in the ACC and last year proved that you could drop a game early in the season but not later.

With Taylor you have a guy who can make plays when other plays breakdown but he also had to many sacks last season this will also be Taylors first season as the solo starting quarterback.

We could be seeing the next "Untouchables" in Williams and Evans and Tech can get back to the option and a lot of wins. I predicted Tech to go 11-2 in a story earlier; only time will tell, but there are big expectations for the Hokies.

Bud Foster always has his defense ready, so, even after losing Macho Harris and Brett Warren to the NFL Draft, he should still have a solid defensive game.

Mistakes and misfortune were last year's downfalls.

The Hokies should be able to rebound well and have a great season.


  1. VTech will do what they always do and NEVER win a big game. They get a lot of undeserved hype year after year and then they flop. They're good for at least 2-3 bad losses pretty much every year!

  2. Never win a big game??? Let's see what about the past Orange Bowl, not to mention the past two ACC Championships...."undeserved hype?" I have NEVER NEVER heard any sportscaster talking about how Virginia Tech is on the verge of being awesome...you always hear about OSU, USC, and Florida...and finally if this Va Tech team is so horrific then please tell me how they are one of only three teams to have 10 wins seasons 4 consecutive seasons and the only team to be in the top 10 defense the past 10 years??? Wow you seem to be a genius on NCAA football


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